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Pearse Street Kinsale Co. Cork

Kennedy’s Opticians Location

Pearse Street Kinsale Co. Cork

Tel 021 477 3595
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Here at Kennedy's Opticians, Kinsale, services provided are eye examinations which can include:

  • Sight Test
  • Driving Sight Tests
  • Diabetic Screening including fundus camera pictures
  • ARMD Screening
  • Binocular Vision Problems
  • Squint identification and in some cases diagnosis and treatment
  • Visual Fields screening
  • Special interest in paediatric optometry particularly coloured lenses for scotopic sensitivity, dyslexia etc.

All Medical Card and PRSI Patients welcome

Other Services Available are:

  • In-house glazing
  • Contact Lens practice
  • Low Vision Aid specialist
  • Domicilliary Visits
  • Small group Lecturing
  • Safety Spectacle Specialist    
  • Colour filtered lenses Specialist