People with diabetic disease are at risk of developing an eye complication called Retinopathy. Retinopathy affects the blood vessels supplying the retina, which is the part of the eye primarily responsible for seeing. Blood vessels in the retina of the eye can become blocked, leaky or grow haphazardly and can damage the vision permanently.


Retinopathy screening as part of a yearly eye examination is your best protection against retinopathy. After the standard full eye examination, we take several photos of the back of the eye (the fundus) and then carefully analyse them for any evidence of retinopathy. Done as part of your eye examination each year, this procedure will help early identification of any risk areas and allow early treatment.


Retinopathy can be treated very successfully if diagnosed at an early stage. Using tiny laser beams, the areas of the retina that need attention can be treated, stopping the growth of new abnormal blood vessels and preventing damage to vision. Laser therapy cannot restore vision which has already been lost. This is why regular screening is so important. Careful control of blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol will also help reduce the risk of retinopathy.


Kennedy's Opticians have the expertise and technology to help. Our state of the art digital retinal camera allows us to photograph and monitor the back of the eyes in incredible detail. Our highly trained and experienced optometrist is fully qualified to screen and grade your eyes and allows us to promptly report any issues to your GP, Diabetic Consultant or Ophthalmologist.